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J.T. Willow

J.T. Willow is an attorney who eschews interviews, photographs and "talking about the craft" in favor of writing a book every five months.

Ten Things I'm Convinced Of (I think):

  1. On sex: The guy who said there's no such thing as bad sex is...a guy. Bad sex can't be fixed: find someone new.
  2. More sex: Blah sex is better than bad sex, but not by much. Your time would be better spent with a book, preferably one of mine.
  3. Even more sex: If your great sex has faded to blah, the fault is at least half yours.
  4. On fault: Fault is the salt that flavors all our mistakes. It is delicious to contemplate. Without fault, consequences would not exist. Even people who feign disinterest in fault LOVE consequences.
  5. On consequences: Consequences are never random or sudden: your mother saw them coming from miles away. Listen to her. And pay attention.
  6. On attention: Our attention is the greatest gift we can give. And attention-suckers like television and the internet distract us from doing things we really love and making genuine connections with others.
  7. On television: Keep moving, nothing to see here. Except Hoarders. Hoarders! Just thinking about Hoarders makes me want to empty the junk mail into the recycling bin.
  8. On Love: You want love? Try being loveable. Sounds obvious, until you look around.
  9. On Looking Around: Advice to marrieds contemplating adultery: make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Don't compare your husband's weaknesses with a stranger's strengths: you might just end up with the short stick.
  10. On short: Shakespeare was right, brevity is the soul of wit.